Have a Spelling Problem? Ask the expert.

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Have a Spelling Problem? Ask the expert. Empty Have a Spelling Problem? Ask the expert.

Post by xMegan[: on Sat May 31, 2008 1:38 am

since Josh tortured us all with his "spell check" thread, [and i'm keeping it..amazingly] I'm here to spell check your stuff.

Most people spell stuff wrong. all the time. I hate it when that happens and MUST correct. [aha I saw a spelling bee tonight and decided to open this thread.] SOOOO..

Need spelling help?
Have any spelling QUESTIONS?
Ask the Expert.

That's right. Megan, an expert on spelling. AS WELL, there are some VFKF RULES on some spelling slang.

-USING CAPS LIKE THIS might lead to a ban if an admin or a mod warn you ONCE, but you don't listen. soo, please, if you have a USE for caps, just do one word. I is okay, and one-word words are okay, but please, 2 words and on, no caps. Unless there's a SPECIFIC REASON [like this] for it, then it's okay. But if I don't like it, i'll edit it. If it gets on my nerves again, i'll edit and send a PM.

-SPAM is terminated in an instant. If you spam with smilies, exclamation points, question marks, ect, there will be a edit. The next time, edit and PM warning. Next time, BAN. so beware of spamming.

-PLEASE, no one word posts. If you continue to one-word post, first there's an edit. then an edit and a PM. then, ban. soo, please be careful with the one-word posts.

-CUSSING will be no longer be blocked off. Unforutunately, The systems word-blocker has been shut down, for an update. We are working as fast as possible, But, that still means if you do cuss, you will recieve a warning and a PM.

-SLANG words are not aloud either. Please limit these words.

There are more to come, and as far as I know, Josh will prolly edit my post. ahaha. anyway..

Spelling question? Ask on THIS THREAD or PM me.
Question about how to spell a word? Ask on this thread.
Feel silly about spelling? PM me, I won't bite! ;)

Have a nice night/day ;D

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