Site Rules

Please take some time to read our rules. Also, remember that breaking these rules will result in some kind of punishment. You are responsible for your actions.

Reminder: These rules are in action at all times. Breaking these will result in a punishment. Please follow these rules carefully.

Discussing on GPVMK Forums
Discussing on GPVMK Forums allows you to talk to many other people that may be from around the world. This website is a completely G-Rated community. In this community you can discuss many topics about VMK, and GPVMK. To help control this fansite, we have many site staff that devote their time to keep it running. These staff members hold the right to take ANY action if you break any of the following rules.

G-Rated Community
GPVMK Forums is a family community; therefore we must make the entire site completely G-Rated. Before posting, remember to make sure that anything you are discussing, an 8 year old (or younger) should be able to view it.

The following IS NOT ALLOWED on this site:

Inappropriate Material, Adult Material, Violence, Drugs & Alcohol, or any acts against the law. Any Pictures, Links, or Videos that break those rules will be removed ASAP. (Breaking these rules WILL result in punishment)

Personal Information
Since this is a G-Rated community and we want to keep everyone of you safe we do not allow person information. This means you CANNOT reveal you phone number, where you live, talking about "Yours" or "anyone's" job/work, pictures or video of yourself, your age, or your first/last name. Any of this content will be removed with a warning sent out.

Flaming is when a member directly insults or criticizes another member. Flaming can hurt people badly and is not allowed on this site AT ALL. Also, flaming an object (such as a signature, avatar, website, etc) is known as flaming, which can result in a ban. You also may not pick out different clans/groups/race/trends. Making any comments toward them is insulting, and is considered flaming. We strictly do not allow this on our site. Breaking this WILL result in a punishment.

Harassing anyone on this website (Staff, member, etc) is strictly NOT allowed. If you have any issue with harassment please PM (Private Message) any of our staff and they will kindly assist you. (Staffs names are in Red and Green)

Discussing Political or Religious beliefs are not allowed here. You are only allowed to wish someone a "Happy/Merry _________”. Please be aware of this rule when posting. Action will be taken if this rule is broken.

Advertising is an important rule. Here you may only post links from If you wish to post an image/article from a website that isn't from our website or, just PM a Site Staff member to get it approved. (Site Staff are Moderators or Admins and can dis-approve websites)

Spamming is posting multiple things over and over. This includes posting same threads more then one, posting the same post more then one, using one letter over and over (Example: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Also, this includes pointless posts. (Example: R U PPL KEWL?)

Bump a Thread
Here we allow what is called a BUMP, which stands for Bring Up My Post. If last post in your thread was you, just wait 24 hours from that time you last posted and post: BUMP. This will not be counted as Double Posting. PLEASE make sure it is 24 hours if yours was the last post.

Double Posting
Double Posting is allowed to some degree. You are allowed to post 3 times in a row in the same thread. Over 3 posts will be considered Double Posting and you will be warned and receive an infraction.

Impersonation of Others
There is absolutely no impersonation allowed here. This includes impersonating someone famous, an VMK Staff, any site staff member on the forums, or anyone else that is not you. Impersonating anyone will result in punishment.

Please do not request for anything free. If someone gifts you something, you may take it, but asking for anything is not allowed here, unless you request someone to make a graphic you can then accept it. NO demanding!

Plagiarism is not allowed here at all. Taking anyone else’s post or artwork and calling it your own is Plagiarism. If you want to quote an article, post, or artwork from another member or website just site the source. NOTE: If you are posting an outside source, please have it approved by a moderator or admin.

Backseat Moderating
Backseat Moderating is when you are doing a Site Staffs job. Acting and/or doing something a staff member should be doing is not allowed. However, correcting someone when they're wrong is ok, as long as it doesn't break any of the rules in this post and doesn't cause a conflict between each member; Resulting in a fight.

Chain Letters
Chain Letters is when someone sends you a message and tells you to send it a certain amount of people. These are pointless and have no meaning, so please do not start them. If you receive one please PM a Site Staff. Breaking this rule will result in punishment.

A signature is an area before your post that you can include an image or text. To edit your signature go to Profile and look for Signature. Signatures can be no larger then 500x250 (pixels) including the image and text and no larger then 255 characters.

Any signature over these limits will be removed. ALL staff has the right to remove any signature if this rule is broken.

BBCode - Embeding Videos, Sound, Flash, etc
Advanced BBCode is now available for all users to use. However, since we cannot edit the options it gives we ask that you follow these simple rules:

1. DO NOT embed a YouTube, Google, Real Media or any other video without permission from a mod or admin.
2. DO NOT add any email, webpage, or flash object into your posts at all.
3. Over use of the spoilers tag will result in punishment. Please only use this if it is a real spoiler!

Moderation Team
Moderators are hand picked by Admins. If you ever want to be noticed for a position as site staff make sure you report posts (using Report Post feature), follow all Rules and Guidelines, and overall be a good member with a good attitude.

We do not allow favortism of real people. An example of a favortism thread would be: Who is your favorite member, staff, celebirty, etc. They always end in hard feelings or a massive flame war. Threads that are ok would be: Who is your favorite Disney Character, VMK NPC, etc. If you are unsure just ask a Site Staff.

Using our Chat
Sometimes we will have our forum chat system running. When you are inside the chat all of the Site Rules apply - but here are some extra ones too: You cannot use Bold, Ital., Underline, Strike or any bright color fonts. Please stick to the darker colors such as Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Red, Dark Orange, etc. A When the chat is open there will be a moderator(s) in there. You can identify them by the "@" in front of their name. If you break any site rules they have the right to kick you out of the chat, and/or ban your character from the chat, and/or ban your IP from the chat, and/or ban your character from our forums.

Those rules are always in action at ALL times. If any of them are broken action will occur. GPVMK Forums holds the rights to give out anything from a warning to a permanent ban for breaking those rules.


GPVMK Forums is not affiliated, partnered, associated, or connected to Walt Disney Company, VMK, GPVMK, or any company. GPVMK Forums is not responsible for the content of its posts/posters. We cannot guarantee that by posting personal information that you will not be contacted outside of our website.

GPVMK Forums reserves the right to change any rule at any time, without notice or permission from any user. None of our rules will be changed at any request from users.

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