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Live Chat Event! Empty Live Chat Event!

Post by CL_Inferno on Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:30 pm

Live Chat Event! Livechatevent-1

We're having our FIRST LIVE CHAT EVENT on Saturday, Aug 30th!
The chatbox will be live then, But until then, The chatbox WILL be closed. You may NOT enter the chatbox, Until the next
live chat event. This is for moderation purposes. Every chat even Will and Must have a moderator, at all times.

If you break the rules of any of the forums, elfisland, or the new chat event rules below, You WILL be kicked out of the chat, and/or banned from the chat event. If you exceed the number of times being banned in 5 chat events, You will recieve
a FORUM ban. You will not be able to access the forum, if we have trouble with you in the chat.

Chat Rules:
Bold, Ital., Underline, Strike, OR bright colored fonts. Please stick to darker colored text.

If you exceed 5 bans in 5 chat events (example below) you WILL be banned from the forum for 10 days, Given an infraction, and you will no longer be able to enter the chat, unless you have been told otherwise.

If you exceed More than 2 warnings from a Moderator You will be banned from discussion; Of that chat event.

1. Ban - For being rude to members
2. Ban - Spam
3. Ban - More spam
4. Ban - Spam
5. Ban - Rude to other members
Member received the above.

Example 2:
1. Warning - Being rude to others
2. Warning - Spamming the entire chat
Member received a ban.

Okay, Now that we got that taken care of, Let's talk about this weeks chat!

This weeks chat will have Sarah's Trivia From 6 PM - 8 PM PST
We will also play MANY more games!

You may even see a surprising guest!

Hope to see you there!

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